Embroidered wool runners from Ayacucho, Peru

  • Grey: 82"x22.5"
  • Nude: 100"x 21"

Nestled in the Andean highlands of Peru, the mountain city of Ayacucho is home to some of the finest wool-workers in the world. Wool is collected from free-range sheep and then hand-spun, dyed with indigenous vegetable extracts and high-quality synthetics and then woven on a loom and removed for hand-embroidery. Our co-op in Ayacucho follows the principles of fair-trade and is composed of 26 families utilizing over 60 looms.

Aaron Lenihan traveled to the village of Ayacucho where he established Pandora’s co-op, composed of 26 families utilizing over 60 looms and following the principles of fair-trade.


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