Libeco Classic white linen sheets

Libeco Classic white linen sheets

  • The Victoria collection is quintessential Belgian linen.  A classic fine weave linen with a refined hemstitch finish, in flat sheets and pillow shams/cases. 100% linen. 

* Note: there is no fitted sheet in the Victoria design. The Geneva fitted sheet is the exact same color though and is intended to work as a fitted sheet with the Victoria design. (The only difference between the Victoria and the Geneva is that the Victoria has a hemstitch, which isn't possible on a fitted sheet).


  • Geneva is crisp, clean and luxurious, which is the ideal linen combination for an impeccable white bed. All pillow covers have a flange finish. For an additional color or accent, combine with the Victoria. 100% linen.


From Libeco:

"Linen is durable, comfortable, highly absorbent and nonallergenic. The flax fiber is fully biodegradable and recyclable: every part of the plant is used. Flax is grown using sustainable farming practices and requires  no irrigation. Linen is a textile of the future."