Sundial Diptych (solar watch)

Sundial Diptych (solar watch)

Handmade wooden Sundial Diptych. Custom made by Dípticos de Uruguay for Pandora's (calibrated to US latitudes).


This is a reproduction of an ancient solar travel clock that was very popular among 15th Century explorers.

To operate the device, use the inbuilt compass to orient the device towards the North pole. Once in this orientation, the shadow cast by the wire (or gnomon) on the horizontal plane will mark the number corresponding to the true solar time (e.g. 9:30 am in photo # 2).


note: there are natural periodicities in the earth's planetary cycle which will cause the solar time to not perfectly match up with the official time, which is based on atomic clocks.


  • Size: 4"x3"x1.3"
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